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Excursion in Denver with 4G LTE

We were recently invited by our friends at Microsoft to attend a workshop in Denver. This was great, becasue we had just recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have yet had the opportunity in the great state of Wyoming to put the 4G LTE connection to the test.

So after a 4 hour drive, with 45 minutes of it being stop-and-go traffic between Thornton Avenue and 88th Street on I-25, finally arrived at the hotel. The concrete scenery and abundance of traffic are a reminder of what was strongly disliked about living in the bigger cities.

Got checked into the hotel about a quarter after Ten, while fumbling with the phone, streaming some Kings of Leon via Pandora and ironing the wrinkles out of my shirt, got curious as to what speed this 4G LTE connection data rate happened to be.

So upon opening Chrome browser and navigating to the Speakeasy Speed Test page and hit run. To my astonishment, the gauge shot clear past the 2Mb peak I had maybe anticipated and ended up leveling out at 5.19Mb/s.

I know this isn't a super-awesome speed, but mind you this is on a cell phone using a wireless 4G LTE connection. I know of residents here in Torrington that just barely reach that speed with a copper line running straight to the house, and on top of that, it's an additional bill.

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